Uninstall Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up – How to uninstall Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up

About Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up Infection :

Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up is spreading over the hundreds of computer daily through Internet. It replicates itself on every action taken by user. Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up is developed by highly skilled Cyber criminals often referred as black hat hackers to steal your personal information or keep tracking you by infecting your computer through Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up to fulfill there personal means. Your personal information may contain some documents related to your office like bidding, your bank account details like credit/debit card detail, your assets, everything you do on computer are regularly examined by some one sitting remotely. It creates malevolent files, corrupts registry, provoke blue screen error making your system dead. It can enter your system through any infected external device, Internet, Spam, visiting adult sites, etc.

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Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up, New Terror In Computer World :

Computer, Software, Internet these are the most familiar word for everyone in the world. There is a reason behind this. Almost each and every one uses those things for their various means. Using the computer to handle various kind of software, using the Internet, browsing numerous sites, having work done in time. These very good looking terms can easily bring happiness on anyone’s face. But like every coin has two face, there is a black side associated with computer world.

Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection is gaining its popularity in Cyber world vary rapidly. While working on computer or on Internet have your ever notice unknown glitch, hanging of mouse, keyboard suddenly stopped working for few seconds, URL redirected automatically, various pop-ups and add-on opening automatically, computer working too slow sometimes, Internet speed go’s down suddenly and many more unexpected incident. If yes, then beware you might be watched by some sitting thousands of KM away from your home. Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection is doing tremendous harm to hundreds of computer daily. You might be one of them or can become one of them in near future very soon if not taken necessary steps.

Facts and Threat Assessment of Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection :

Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up is very serious kind of threat. It damages Windows OS based system and usually enters the system without user’s consent. Use of Internet without proper security programs often create a way for the entry of Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection into the System. Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection is highly dangerous in nature as once entered in system , it make changes in settings of the system and modify registry entries which results in generation of fake pop-ups and alerts that threatens system users in every possible way. It infects almost every component of the system such as desktop icons, browsers, background process, registry entries and many more things.

  • Infection Level – This threat has very severe effect on system as it makes the system totally unresponsive. It increases the system payload by allowing malwares to be downloaded and number of arbitrary codes continuously keep executing within it. As it go on increasing every time so in that situation , if proper safety measures are not taken then it can lead to system crash.
  • Damage Level – Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection damages the system at a greater extent by destroying files, altering the System’s security settings. It affects The PC right from the System boot to turn off process.
  • System Affected – Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection infects all window based PC from windows 7&8, XP,Vista,Windows Server 2003,and Windows 98.

So, it is advised to to remove Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection as soon as detected by using Automatic Removal Tool as it provides a complete protection to your PC against Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection and make your system safe from further attacks.

Probable Causes of Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up Infection :

Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection can harm you in many ways. It is developed by highly skilled Cyber criminals to bring havoc on anyone PC. You will never know when it landed on your ground(PC) in day light. It will transfer every information of yours to some remote server and will also damage your system at the same time. There are various causes of getting your system affected by Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection. Some of the causes are:

  • Using Pen-drive already infected by Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up
  • Opening links attached with Spam
  • Visiting Adult/Porn sites
  • Playing malicious videos and games
  • Downloading the attachment from Spam
  • Opening sites with pop-ups & ad-ons
  • Unauthorized sharing of files through any wireless network like wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc
  • Doing transaction related work on website not using HTTPS protection.
  • Opening malicious link posted on Social Networking Sites.
  • Download freely available unwanted software like Screensaver customizer, etc.

So these are the precautionary steps to be taken by users to prevent his PC from getting infected by Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up. If someones PC has Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up infection then it is strongly recommended to take necessary steps to cure it out.


What Consequences Does The Malicious Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up Threat Have On The Windows System ?

Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up has entered the system through web surfing, spam email attachments, and through many other ways to grab all the activities of the browser without giving any notification s to the user. It not only changes the browser settings, steal the personal and confidential information’s but also reveals and disrupts the overall computer performance. The effect of above malicious threat can be explained as :-

Degrade the PC Performance : Due to ejection of several infections the performance of the system decline and this results to slow start and shut down of the system, delay in booting process too and also improper functioning of the complete system.

Continue Displaying the Fake Error Codes And Messages : The user received several alerts related to computer disruption i.e. your data is at risk and you need to update the system regularly. But never go through messages as they are in vain and for the fulfillment if their own self motive.

Redirected to illegitimate Websites : The entered infection automatically changes the settings of homepage as well as search page. Even if the user fix both the settings you will find that again after restarting of the system the setting has been again changed due to entrance of unwanted threats and thus it redirect to certain other illegitimate websites without any notifications to the user..

Manual Steps To Uninstall The Detected Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up :

If your system is popping several fake alerts, error messages, working slowly,etc and you are finding the easy solution to uninstall and remove it permanently, then you can go through this manual method solution. And for using this method the user requires to have the technical knowledge of the PC. The manual methods are as below mentioned :-

Step 1 : Stop and close all the running applications and after that detached the network connection of the system.


Step 2 : Open the Task Manager and stop all the process related to the infection entered.

replace-explorer-exe-terminate (1)

Step 3 : Now, open the control panel uninstall all the applications related to the invaded threat.


Step 4 : Edit and then delete all the registry entries. Just open the Windows registry and for this type “regedit” command in Run.


Step 5 : With the help of Search option detect all the false alerts and malicious infections created by certain Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up and remove it completely.


As, this manual process is too lengthy process and is only preferred and used by the professionals, so don’t get panic or fret. Here, is one other solution and i.e. Automatic Removal Tool for the removal of all the infections entered inside the system.

Salient Features of Automatic Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up Removal Tool :

Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up is a dangerous kind of threat. To tackle this problem you can use AUTOMATIC Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up REMOVAL TOOL. Because it is one of the most highly efficient removal tool to get rid of this infection completely from your Windows PC. It has root-kit detection techniques and used heuristic scanning methods to indicate the Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up threat. This is a very simple tool, it doesn’t require any type of technical skill. Automatic tool is very much friendly with the users. Automatic Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up removal tool is the best method to get rid off Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up threat from your system.

  • System Guards: It gives you complete control over authorized process that run on your system.
  • Network Sentry: It facilitate the user by providing full control over network setting.
  • Scan Scheduler: It allows your scan your system at regular interval of time.
  • Scan desk help: It helps the users by providing technical help regarding the Automatic Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up Removal Tool.
  • Custom scan: It minimize your time, as it scan specific section of your system.
  • Back Up: It consists of built-in roll back feature which allows the to back up your files.
  • Exclusions: It allow the users to select the content which they don’t want to delete.
  • General Settings: It allows users automatically check for updates ,downloads and install definition updates etc.

User Guide – Complete Solution to Get Rid of Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up :

Step 1 : Easily install and download the software and after few minutes the user will be able to access the main interface and run it on the Windows PC. Now, you may notice a button “Scan Computer” in the new dialog box, just click on it. As the user will click on it the removal tool will start it’s scanning and searching process and detect all the Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up entered.


Step 2 : After completion of the scanning and searching process, all the malicious and infected files will be displayed in the form of thumbnail format.


Step 3 : One can also use the “Spyware HelpDesk” option to get any expert or technicians advise regarding the removal of the Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up.


Step 4 : The “System Guard” option is also available to search all the dreadful and malicious infections from your computer system.


Download Automatic Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up Removal Tool to get your Windows PC completely free from Congratulations-you-won.claimprizenow.com Pop-up.